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Chemical peels


How it works

Chemical peels are a popular, non-invasive cosmetic procedure to remove a layer of damaged skin from the face, revealing a newer, healthier layer. As the skin heals, increased cell growth produces healthier skin that gives the face a more youthful appearance. Chemical peels can be used to reduce fine lines; treat wrinkles; improve the appearance of scars; treat certain types of acne; reduce age spots, freckles and dark patches due to pregnancy or birth control pills; and improve the look and texture of the skin.


What to expect

After a detailed skin analysis, we will advise you on a chemical peel that is suitable for your skin. This is applied to the skin, making the top layer blister and peel off. The procedure will take around 30 minutes.


Depending on the type of peel, a single treatment, or a course of six sessions may be recommended to achieve maximum results.

Recovery time

Following treatment, the patient will experience a reaction similar to a sunburn. This will include redness, peeling and then scaling over three to seven days. New skin will be fragile, so the sun must be avoided for several months following a chemical peel.

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